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Being established on more than decade of experience in international trade in 2003, Shenzhen, China, TSCOTECH is working as a computer and smartphone equipment supplier. Since its inception as a family firm with a relatively small capital, TSCOTECH always had an outlook of extending its business beyond China and Southeast Asia to dynamic and developing economies such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. TSCOTECH R&D team comprised of best engineers and market specialists, tries to make the best use of new advanced technologies and to adapt our products with the latest needs and taste of consumers, worldwide. TSCOTECH efforts are directed to produce highest quality relative to price. In doing so, we have three standards in mind: specifications:

  • Durability of performance. same products.
  • Elegant designs.
  • Maximum conservation of energy.

So, products offered by this company became the best by this way

Increasing sale and also company’s motivation to economy self-sufficiency, caused a big forward step.

A factory establishment to produce computer accessories was a big target for this company to supply all demands of developing computer equipment market and in other side doing his duty in economic development and making job chances for the society. So this company reached to his target with believing on this sentence : “ big targets need big steps”. it was clear that TSCOTECH products would be special. In accordance with the rules mentioned in product importation, TSCOTECH products should have below specifications, too:

TSCOTECH products found a special place in compare with same computer accessories from other companies due to their special specifications. After a short time, all computer accessories shops and customers preferred to use TSCOTECH products because of three mentioned reasons till now.

CEO Message

Having the chance of being part of the great TSCOTECH team, I would like to express my gratitude to our staff whose enthusiasm has boosted our international sales in short period since 2003. With the goal of expanding our share of the market in the near future, our focus is now on innovative ways to increase consumers demand for our products.


Pioneering, creativity, sincerity, hardworking and transparency are the values we cherish and pillars of our policies.


We want to be pioneer. TSCOTECH preferable specification is endless enthusiasm for innovation and continues developing.



Our main goal is knowing exact customers’ demands to be able for preparing these demands, we are going to make customers as efficient organization. Our method is making long term communication with customers by reliable and permanent responsiveness to show our reverence to them.


Our organization is a clear system. Allowed data for TSCOTECH beneficiaries are published by us, voluntary.



Our goal is to prepare an atmosphere that everyone would be hard worker, self-confident, critic, honest and frank, and know their responsibilities in the organization to do them in the best way.

Fulfillment of commitments

We are respecting our costumers trust and we will keep our commitments forever. We are proud of being stable business partner for our partners.                                                                                                   


In the TSCOTECH we encourage the teamwork in order to reach to our common goals. We are a family that expecting our growth in teamwork abilities promotion and also each personnel abilities promotion.

Human Wealth

Skilled manpower is the most important capital in every knowledge based organization. That why we tried to provide an interactive environment not only for our staff but in our relations with our business partners, so we can learn from each other experience and knowledge and provide the best products and services for our consumers. Furthermore, to expand our knowledge-based infrastructure to ease the way for future expansion, we continuously enhance our staffs technical and marketing knowledge.


Respecting to its experience in computer and mobile accessories production and supply, TSCOTECH technology has won different awards